Signo elevators Pvt. Ltd. have given a strange experience to their client by developing Hi-tech & extensive range of Hospital Elevators which have provided a dynamic & superior performance. Signo have proven a real definition of smooth & jerk less traveling for the patients. it is highly preferred by the client due to it economical range & low power consumption, with it the guaranty ,care & support of the product is being provided for a long time and instantly due to the market combative nature in the corporate industry. It is more reliable and easy to use with the 100 % utility as per the hospital goods and patient transportation due to its features like as ; specious, emergency control, safety, quick and accurate stopping which fully meet the Indian requirements of the modern hospitals. it quite fit for the utility tools which is being used by the hospital services & used to carry various equipments related to the medical care. Here we have also considered the shape, size and dimension of hospital elevators. Signo is using the high level steel material and latest technology which is well certified by the elevator manufactures of the world. These lifts are all fitted with the most advanced micro computer chip level controls, keeping in mind the specific needs of the modern hospitals. Signo have owned a strong trust, good will and faith from their client who is being served by the Signo Evelevators Pvt. Ltd. Features:- Save life by the minute Accurate leveling Low noise from smooth travel Great care for patients Advanced VVVF door machine inbuilt Emergency Alarm Bell Buzzer for Door Open Automatic / Manual Operation Quick & easy maintenance Over load and over speed control Most specious and Fully electronic touched buttons Emergency Stop, Final Limit ,Interlock ,Pit Switch facility Extra attachment like as: Hanging saline bottles & keeping oxygen cylinders as per the requirements.