Signo provides an ultimate technology of auto door elevators which is very user-friendly with the current approach of utility like as vertical transportation at the any level of heights in the multistory commercial and domestic buildings. Technology adopted according to the traffic analysis, load & speed of the lift. Lift controls are all fitted with the most advanced microcomputer chips,which ensure very high speed with smoothest lifting perfect leveling to the destination. Lift contain lots of Salient features which includes gong bell on arrival of lift car, overload indicator, micro self-leveling ,fully adjustable operating parameters to suit specific applications, numerous control options etc. It has perfect smooth-running without hearable noise. We can also provide the optionally manufactured feature like as push & go function makes life safer and easier spring closer on power failure, suitable for fire doors. Features:- High end manufacturing long time durability & reliability Different patterns & colors Unique metallic finish Total automated responses suitable for all type of buildings Available in various customizations. Average speed of 1.0 m/s Emergency Alarm Bell Buzzer for Door Open Automatic / Manual Operation Quick & easy maintenance Over load and over speed control Loading capacity may be customized from 300 kg to 2500 kg Emergency Stop ,Final Limit ,Interlock ,Pit Switch facility