Looking for some good Computer Repair & Amc Service in Delhi NCR? computeramcdelhi.in is the best choice for you. Contact computeramcdelhi.in experts and get instant solutions to your problems. The moment you call us, we try to offer the best possible solution to all your problems at the most reasonable rates. Our experts have been trained to provide the best solution to all the technical issues related to your computer. Just call on our number +91 9911332333 and get your problem solved. Our experts provide you step-by-step solution so that you able to fix them on your own if ever it occur again.

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Computer AMC Delhi

Address: 287, Prataphouse, Sant Nagar, East of kailash, New Delhi, Delhi 110065, New Delhi, India

  Rajinder singh

Computer AMC Delhi

Address: 287, Prataphouse, Sant Nagar, East of kailash, New Delhi, Delhi 110065, New Delhi, India

  Rajinder singh

Computer AMC Delhi
Computer AMC Delhi
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Address: 287, Prataphouse, Sant Nagar, East of kailash, New Delhi, Delhi 110065, New Delhi, India

  Rajinder singh

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Outlook Mail Support Services in Delhi

We are here to offer you our best mail support services respectively. Are you still following the old and common way of storing all your important data and files in your mailbox? Are you worried about data retrieval in case all the data is lost? There is no need for you to panic, because computeramcdelhi.in reasonable competitive Email backup services can relieve you from all your apprehensions of losing your crucial data. All you need to do is just call us, and we will install Email Backup software on your PC within 30 minutes to 4 hours. Mail Support Services:- We offer instant support for Outlook / Gmail / Yahoo backup. You can call us on our toll free number anytime. We can resolve your Email Backup issues remotely by accessing your computer over the Internet.

Virus Removal Services in Delhi

Computeramcdelhi.in simplify things for you by bringing you an exclusive suite of Computer Security Services that protects your system from any malicious threat. We provide you with the best anti virus solutions, making your computer problems a talk of the past. Day by day, computer virus is becoming more dangerous for your system. Computer virus slowly destroys your software and hardware equipment, so better take the precaution from strong antivirus. computeramcdelhi.in can save your computer from any type of virus such as the Trojan Horse, micro virus, rootkit virus, boot sector virus, Polymorphic Viruses, and others. We can provide you the best antivirus service at the convenience of your own home. Virus Removal Services:- Will assist you in removing virus, malware and spyware from your system and make your computer's performance. Will always keep you protected from hacking at all times with our Anti Virus Software. Offer remote assistance and help you resolve your computer issues from your location itself.

Corporate Mail Management Services in Delhi

Your organization requires cost-effective and flexible communication tools. With Microsoft Exchange Server you can achieve new levels of reliability and performance with features that simplify your administration, help protect your communications, and delight your users by meeting their demands for greater mobility. FOR INSTANT HELP CALL :- +91 9911332333 Mail Server (SMTP/POP3/IMAP with Imail or Exchange) 1. Installing / configuring Microsoft Exchange server . 2. Adding domain for email server. 3. Exchange server administrator and monitoring. 4. Configuring SMTP routing, Mail relay restriction , anti spamming restriction. 5. User access restriction , access file restriction Installing and securing Microsoft outlook Web access for users Web mail. 6. Securing Microsoft outlook Web access. Mail Server (Exim, qmail, Postfix and Sendmail) 1. Installing and configuring mail server. 2. Configuring auto-responders and mailing lists. 3. Security configuration and audits of security status. 4. Integration of spam and anti-virus software. 5. Implementation of Web-based management software. 6. Setting up SMTP authentication. 7. MySQL integration. 8. User management.


Wireless devices provide the liberty to delhi ncr while maximizing resource utilization within the network. Our certified technicians ensure foolproof wireless devices setup and configuration of your machines. Whether you are in the office Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida. you can find us anytime and anywhere. FOR INSTANT HELP CALL :- +91 9911332333 OUR WIRELESS DEVICES SERVICES Wireless : setup, configuration, lan setup Wifi router : no power, not working, lights blinking Wifi devices : network folder sharing, lan folder sharing, lan file sharing Wireless : setup wifi network, wifi networking, wifi lan access Wifi Router : setup, configuration, Router driver, Router config Wifi Router security : network firewall, network sharing security Wifi media sharing, wifi harddrive sharing, wifi ipads Wireless printer sharing, wireless printer driver

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