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Autoclaves Pressure Steam Sterilizers Manufacturer

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Autoclaves Pressure Steam Sterilizers Manufacturer

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The Super Deluxe Series Autoclaves are sturdily constructed in rustproof, heavy gauge aluminum for use in rugged condition. Its a unique vessel that generates steam under pressure and temperature between 120°C to 135°C. On reaching the right temperature the instruments are subject to a saturated steam environment for a pre-specified time which results in safe and guaranteed sterilization. Available in various models and sizes from 6 liters capacity to 63 liters capacity to suit different application. These can be used on electricity as well as on any external heat source such as kerosene stove, gas burner, wood & charcoal. Features and Benefits: All aluminium deep drawn seamless construction. Light, compact, portable, easy to use top loading autoclaves. Fast 20 min. sterilizing cycle at 121º c. Equipped with two stages over pressure protection system incorporating a calibrated continuous bleeding pressure stopcock and pressure release weight valve. Extended life gasket & heating element (ISI marked). Equipped with heat resistant handles and steam release / control valve. For assurance of quality each autoclave is tested to the parameter of successful sterilization. Optional TST indicator stickers provide independent verification that the correct combination of temperature, steam & time has been achieved for successful sterilization. Pressure Gauge : Colour coded pressure gauge showing internal chamber conditions during the cycle. Sterilization zone in green colour is shown from 15 psi to 20 psi (OR 1.034 bar to 1.378 bar) which is equivalent to temperature of 121°c to 127°c. Dial size : 2.5". Dial show measurement in 2 units (i) kg/cm2 (ii) lb/inch2 Full scale dial of pressure gauge is 0-30 lb/ inch2 or 0-2 kg/ cm2. Caution zone in red colour. Inclusive of - inner & outer stand. Optional (to be ordered separately) - Inside container / baskets / dressing drums, timer and spares

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