Vacuum Instruments Company Limited Plants are used widely in giving silver / golden and rainbow metallic finish on Plastic and Plastic products. It is an excellent substitute for Electroplating as this process is non-polluting. The lab scale models are widely used in universities and R&D labs for conducting various experiments and teaching the students on state-of-the-art equipment. We have supplied such equipment to universities and educational institutes all over India.

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Vacuum Instruments Company Limited

Address: 5746/81, Reghar Pura, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110005, Delhi, India

  Pradeep Kumar

Vacuum Instruments Company Limited

Address: 5746/81, Reghar Pura, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110005, Delhi, India

  Pradeep Kumar

Vacuum Instruments Company Limited
Vacuum Instruments Company Limited
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Address: 5746/81, Reghar Pura, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110005, Delhi, India

  Pradeep Kumar

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Vacuum Gauges and Valves Consumables Manufacturer

VICO Pirani and Penning Gauges are the best available in the country. They have been developed in collaboration with National Physical Laboratory (NPL), New Delhi. The measuring range is up to 10-7 torr These gauges are available in Analog and Digital display mode All sorts of Valves and Vacuum pipe-line accessories are available. The range consists of straight-way, Right-angle, Gate and Butterfly Valves. Consumables Consumable Consumables VICO Pumping systems oil and consumables are best in the market. VICO Fluid RT-30 for Rotary Pumps VICO Fluid X-17 for Diffusion Pumps VICO Evaporation Sources for Laboratory and Industrial use Greases, Sealants and all types of β€˜O’rings, gaskets etc are available.

Vacuum Furnaces and Ovens Manufacturer

We make all sorts of Vacuum Furnaces. We have a routine design up to 150mm dia hot zone for lab use. The Vacuum is 10-5 torr or better. A lab furnace can be used to make Single Crystals. Our range of Furnaces includes Vacuum Induction Furnaces for Lab as well as larger size production. We make Vacuum Hot Press as per specific requirements. The temperature range is up to 2200oC. We also make Hot Wall Heat Treatment Furnace and have made a Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR) Furnace for NFC,Hyderabad. Several types of Furnaces with Vacuum of specific ambient for a variety of applications are available. Ovens Lacquer Curing Ovens VICO offers an extensive range of Industrial Lacquer Curing Ovens for curing lacquer before and after Metallising on glass, plastics and metal articles. These Ovens are specially designed for Vacuum Metallising Industry and comprehensively engineered to incorporate the latest features.

Vacuum Freeze Dryers Manufacturer

VICO has many years of experience in the field of Vacuum Technology. Titanium Nitride Coaters (TiN Coaters) is a new age technology that is made possible due to our constant R & D efforts. TiN or Arc Ion Vacuum Coaters achieve durable coatings where the coating material is evaporated and ionized by an electric-arc. By adding reactive gas- Hard, gold-appearing coatings can be achieved. Hard gold-like coatings for functional and decorative use on Watch straps, Eyeglass Frames, Artificial/Costume jewellary. Protective layer on tools for increasing tool-life. Replaces Electro-plating, Anodising and other polluting methods of coatings on variety of fancy items. The Coatings are corrosion resistant and very cost-effective. Various other colors like Chrome, Brass, and Copper can also be achieved. These coatings enhances the life of the product and giving a dry and non-polluting method to achieve desired result for your product sales. Vacuum Freeze Dryers Vacuum Freeze Dryers Vacuum Freeze Dryer Freeze Drying is mainly used to conserve temperature-sensitive products which loose essential and desired properties if conserved by other methods. The main fields of applications of VICO Freeze Driers are in the pharmaceutical industry, in biology and in medicine. We have different models having shelf area from 2000cm2 to 40m2 Condenser capacity 3Kg to 500Kg available for operation in Manual or fully Automatic process control with temperature program controller or micro processor or computer. TV- Tube Exhaust Cart VICO has fabricated TV-tube exhaust carts for a number of TV-tube manufacturers. The carts are designed to suit user facilities. Our customers include Mullard, JCT, BEL, SAMTEL, Teletube, Seawind Tubes. Besides exhaust carts VICO also designs and manufactures TV-tube Aluminisers and other machines.

VICO Glass Sheet Coaters Manufacturer

Float Glass Mirrors are made by using Silver solution, whereas in our Plant Aluminium is used in stead of Silver which makes it very cheap. The quality is better as Aluminium is very reflective. Mirrors made from this technique are more durable and long lasting. Normal mirrors develop black patches and holes over a period of time, this reaction is much faster in coastal areas where air is very humid. The hotels and hospitality industry have to incur recurring expenditure on mirrors for this reason. This Plant is suitable for coating of Aluminium on Plastic/Acrylic and Glass sheets of maximum size 1220 mm x 2440 mm (4 ft. x 8 ft.) Plants to suit your specific size can also be made. Mirrors of 25.40 mm x 1220 mm (1 ft. x 4 ft. ) for Almirahs, Rear-view and Side-view mirrors for automobiles are few more areas of use where costs need to be reduced Two sheets are coated in one time. The other side of sheet is protected by a Mirror Backing Compound This Plant is for any large objects that require coating on one side This Plant comes with a High Tension Power Supply (HT) It is an additional benefit that can be used for High Tension Discharge Cleaning of Glass sheet, before Coating or Coating inferior quality plastic sheets, to improve the adhesion of aluminum to the surface of the sheets VICO has made a large Sheet Coater for Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), Trivandrum. It is used to coat 1.5meterx 2.5meter PolyImide Sheet (a kind of Plastic) which works as Heat Shield for the Satellite. And couple of more for Acrylic and Glass Sheet industry separately. Vacuum Evaporation Units High Vacuum Coater (VC-15) Vacuum Evaporation Unit VC -15 Vacuum Coating Units with sophisticated instrumentation up to the size 610 mm are available for laboratory and batch production. Above the base plate, accessories include : D.C. and R.F. Sputtering. Multifillament Turret. Specimen Preparation Accessories for TEM & SEM. Flash Evaporation facility. Bent Beam Electron Gun (1800). The unit can he made useful for wide variety of applications including demonstration of coating techniques. Vertical Chamber vacuum coaters presently are being offered in two models : High Vacuum Coater (VC-12) High Vacuum Coater (VC-15)

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