We at Sun Shine Industries (India) manufacturing and supplying a top notch quality of injection moulded plastic parts & components used by Electronics Devices Manufacturers, Modular Kitchen Manufacturers, Automobile Industries. Based in New Delhi, We are engaged in producing and supplying a wide range of plastic moulded components such as Electronic Plastic Components, Modular Kitchen Plastic Components, Automobile Plastic Components and Other Plastic Components for end user

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Address: Wz 283/18, Street No. 4, West Block Vishnu Garden, Near Post Office, Khyala Industrial Area, New Delhi-110018, Delhi, India, New Delhi, India

  Mr. Charanjeet Singh


Address: Wz 283/18, Street No. 4, West Block Vishnu Garden, Near Post Office, Khyala Industrial Area, New Delhi-110018, Delhi, India, New Delhi, India

  Mr. Charanjeet Singh

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Address: Wz 283/18, Street No. 4, West Block Vishnu Garden, Near Post Office, Khyala Industrial Area, New Delhi-110018, Delhi, India, New Delhi, India

  Mr. Charanjeet Singh

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Plastic Thermoformed Products in Delhi

As SSI Moulds has grown, we have refined and further developed the thermoforming and vacuum forming process which allow to manufacturing a large and complex products that could never have been conceived in the previous generation. Today’s thermoformed products can match the quality and finish of injection molding, in high performance plastics, and in sizes that dwarf the capabilities of other techniques. We are also proud to offer a manufacturing service which is equally state of the art. we uphold a strong commitment to our customers and deliver the best they deserve. Plastic Thermoformed Products SSI Moulds is the right choice for all your plastic thermoforming and vacuum forming packaging product's needs. our experience manufacturing packaging product's will give you the competitive advantage you need to surpass the competition. SSI Moulds offers the technologies and expertise for the packaging industry like thermoforming, vacuum forming, food packaging containers, seed trays, blister packaging, transparent packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, plastic cutlery tray ABS/PVC/PS/HIPS and various other products Plastic Thermoformed Products Have a product which needs to achieve certain regulatory standards? No problem. We are equipped with the facilities that fits to the standards you need to meet. We will also custom tailor inspection and testing programs specific to your products. SSI Moulds works with our packaging customers on sustainability in design. For example, we work closely with our customers on designs and plastic thermoforming and vacuum forming processes to produce plastic packaging that weighs less, uses less material, and is manufactured with less energy and waste.

Furniture Hardware Parts Manufacturer in Delhi

Eminent Solution for Furniture and Kitchens ManufacturersFurniture Hardware ProductsManufacturing and Supplying Global Quality Custom Type Plastic Products We are also proving the eminent solution to furniture manufacturers, offering furniture legs, shutter corner fittings, profile brackets, furniture fitting parts etc. Our strengths include a range of core competencies in manufacturing an ever widening product range with global quality levels at low-cost manufacturing. We are providing our customer with cost effective products, supplying several of furniture hardware products to our prominent customers, furthest meeting the diverse needs of our customers. we also satisfy you with your personalized OEM needs for products innovation, and make sure the products quality meet the global standards. Furniture Hardware Products We create the perfect combination of technology, functionality and design. we develop and produce products and fittings for furniture manufacturers which assist them to attain sustainability, profits and achieve maximum satisfaction from their end users. We also guide our clients by our knowledge and extensive experience with their product designs and material selection. Thanks to our vast experience in complex furniture parts moulding, we have what it takes to get the job done efficiently, on time and in a cost-effective manner. As a contract manufacturer, SSI Moulds can provide you with complete assemblies, streamlining your manufacturing cycle. Furniture Hardware Products Early supplier involvement at the start of each project is especially valuable in the design, mould building and manufacturing of complex furniture plastic parts. Majors in the furniture industry regularly rely on SSI Moulds to both design new products and reverse engineer existing products. In many cases, we try to identify the opportunities where we can reduce products development costs, while keeping in mind the functioning of products and enhance its appearance based on specification from customers.

Household Plastic Products Manufacturer in Delhi

The applications of plastics have extended far beyond daily products. They range from personal care, household goods, food and beverage packaging, toys, sporting equipment to electrical components and panels. In other words, plastics are ubiquitous in our daily lives and play a vital role in consumer products industry. However, consumer products manufacturers will have to ensure their success by making a quick response to constant challenges such as mass production, product quality variation, material savings and time-to-market. At SSI Moulds we welcome our clients with their custom type products designs. Consumer Household Plastic Products Our products are made under exact standards with a rigorous quality control check that ensures perfect standards at all stages of manufacturing. No wonder that our plastic products range finds wide acceptance and acknowledgement in and across the country. We plans and prepares to constantly improve our range of products to meet your ever-changing needs. we are always ahead in creating new product as per our clients specifications as well as suitable to the present market trend. Creation is the heart of Company in this market. Consumer Household Plastic Products A dynamic company that has taken the world of plastics to new height by giving our client with ultimate option of creating a new product designs by which we assist them in implementing the mould and product development. Each new product is been understand and designed by our expert engineer. Product designed and manufactured by SSI Moulds for leading OEMs are used every day by millions of consumers around the world. we produce products using technologies such as one-shot, two-shot molding. We work closely with our customers to determine the ideal material choice for long lasting craftsmanship that is aesthetically pleasing for consumers. we can provide a true low-cost injection molding solution for your project.

Appliances Plastic Products Manufacturer in Delhi

With years of experience supplying several types of plastic products to home appliances majors, we understand the challenge which the industry faces today – to reduce costs, improve sustainability and cope with changing consumer tastes. we provides a eminent solution of custom type plastic products with great quality that focuses on enabling manufacturers to make appliances that are more robust and more cost-efficient. We are committed to continuously developing new, innovative products and improving current products, used in a range of home appliance parts. Appliances Plastic Products SSI Moulds has 22 years of expertise in plastic injection molding of high-end aesthetic appliance parts moulded from engineering grade resins of wide range. Today we are supplying custom type top quality plastic products to high-end appliances manufacturers including chimneys, cooktops, water purifiers and several other appliance components and assemblies. Appliances Plastic Products We assist our clients in new appliance part designs, redesigns and improvements, We serves the appliance industry with the global quality products and latest techniques, we procure only superior quality material from our reliable suppliers which helps to produce advanced products and moulds which demanded by the highest quality appliance manufacturers around the world. By means of our forward-looking, progressive and innovative touches in the products, we are successful in gaining reputation and being preferred supplier to home appliances majors like Ultrapure Technology & Appliances Limited, Cata Appliances Limited, Padmini Impex Private Limited. We welcome our client with their custom type products and we assist them with the product design and material selection, we develop moulds and products according to their specification and needs.

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