ORIMAN ENGINEERING SERVICES was established in 2008 in Orissa. It has been operating having the status of UTKAL SURVEY LINE since 1995-2008. Since that time the company has expanded its operations. The company is still headquartered in Orissa but has a modern well equipped office in Mumbai & New Delhi. ORIMAN is dedicated to addressing your surveying needs in a manner that exceeds expectations. The Company provides consulting services in the fields of carrying out detailed Topographical Survey, Detailed Route Survey For Pipe Line, Tunnel Survey, Road survey, Irrigation survey, Construction Setting Out, Soil Resistivity Survey And Cadastral Survey, Setting Outs Job For Infrastructure Development Works & 3D monitoring. It uses the latest technology and has qualified professional staff with a wide range of experience. We also carry out dimensional building surveys for the individual who wishes to build, extend or renovate. Our staff of Engineers, Surveyors and Technicians is experienced in a variety of measurement techniques and software applications so our end product is tailored to the client’s requirements. We work hard to develop strong relationships with our clients. As your survey partner, our goal is to understand your business, your project, and your particular land survey challenges.

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Oriman Survey And Engineering Pvt Ltd

Address: Street Number 13, Madhu Vihar, I.P.Extension, Patparganj, New Delhi, Delhi 110092, New Delhi, India


Oriman Survey And Engineering Pvt Ltd

Address: Street Number 13, Madhu Vihar, I.P.Extension, Patparganj, New Delhi, Delhi 110092, New Delhi, India


Oriman Survey And Engineering Pvt Ltd
Oriman Survey And Engineering Pvt Ltd
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Address: Street Number 13, Madhu Vihar, I.P.Extension, Patparganj, New Delhi, Delhi 110092, New Delhi, India


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3D Monitoring Company in Delhi

We scan all types of large scale objects such as normal buildings, heritage sites (including but not limited to historic buildings), industrial sites and mine workings. We provide our clients with a point cloud, the rough data gathered through scanning. The point cloud itself consists of many millions of data points is a very precise 3D model of the scanned object. Though for most applications an unprocessed point cloud is too big it can be used by software like Pointools for: making visualisations of the object taking simple measurements comparing the actual state of the object against project objectives Practical applications include: buildings and heritage sites industrial sites civil engineering applications (bridges, roads, railway junctions, etc.) mine works

Infrastructure Development Works Company in Delhi

Projects delivered by ORIMAN support the objectives of expanding access to infrastructure services, reducing their cost and improving the quality of service. Our team of advisers brings direct experience of work within infrastructure providers, government ministries and regulatory authorities. We can deploy teams of operational, engineering, economic and financial experts in all the key infrastructure sectors including telecoms, energy, water supply and sanitation and transport (ports, road, rail and aviation). Much of the developing world is badly hindered by inadequate, deteriorating or even non-existent infrastructure. Weak infrastructure reduces the productivity of both individuals and the capital they employ; it therefore undermines the natural competitive advantages inherent within a country's assets. It creates barriers to development by restricting opportunities and raising costs thus impeding the sustainable development of the economy and stifling innovation. Making infrastructure development work for the poorest in society remains a critical challenge. ORIMAN's capability in infrastructure development works includes: Infrastructure and utility sector policy Strategies for attracting sustainable private sector investment Selecting the most appropriate private sector participation (PSP) methodology Utility and infrastructure sector restructuring and market reform Creation and strengthening of regulatory frameworks and institutions

Construction Set Out Company in Delhi

The first stage of any major project is to mark it out on site. ORIMAN ENGINEERING SERVICES has the proven ability to get things off to a good start. Our specialized equipment and software make short work of: Construction and clearing limits Batter set out Pavement lift stakes Culvert set out Settlement monitoring Certification of tolerance We have set out some major projects to the highest standards.

Road Survey Company in Delhi

Roads can be surveyed to determine the condition of the pavement sub layers and the location of any potentially dangerous voids. Utility mapping can also be generated during these surveys to to accurately map the position and depth of all utilities, including PVC and fibre optic. These road surveys can be conducted at reasonably fast speeds, therefore eliminating the need for road closures. Detailed reports are generated after careful and experienced analyses of the collected data and can be supplied in hard copy or CD format.

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