Shriya F.R.P Industries was established by Late Shri Roshan Lal Ji Paruthi in 1998 and since then come a long way by standing amongst the leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of Roofing & Insulation & Water Proofing Material. With the vision to provide quality material to multiple industries, the company started the operations in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. In the year 2000, the responsibility of running the company is handed over to Mr. Sanjeev Paruthi. With are working with the motive to offer high quality and cost effective Acrylic Sheets, Fibre Glass Wool, Fibreglass Mesh, Fibre Dome & Sheets, FRP Base Plate, Aluminum Sheets & Coil etc. at competitive rates to the customers. Our team of talented technicians, engineers and workers make sure that the products find wide usage in the market and match our specified quality standards.

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Address: 113/11 Navyug Market , Ghaziabad, U.P -201001, Ghaziabad, India

  Sanjeev Paruthi


Address: 113/11 Navyug Market , Ghaziabad, U.P -201001, Ghaziabad, India

  Sanjeev Paruthi

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Address: 113/11 Navyug Market , Ghaziabad, U.P -201001, Ghaziabad, India

  Sanjeev Paruthi

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XLPE Insulation Foam Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

Application Insulation Air duct and pipe insulation for cooling, heating and refrigeration pipes, insulating wrapping, impact sound, air conditioning parts, etc. Constrution Joint fillers, parquet underlay, corrugated roof insulation, tunnel insulation, membrane protection etc. Advantages Low thickness for efficient anticondensation. Low thermal conductivity. High resistance to water - vapour diffusion (no capillary effects). High elasticity and flexibility. Lightweight /easy to install. Excellent thermal insulation. High Elasticity Low water absorption. High scratch resistant. High stable over time. God Impact sound insulation. Features - Class '0' in fire propagation and class '1' in surface spread of flame. More than 90% closed cell - negligible water / moisture absorption. Weather resistant & Shock proof because of tri dimensional cross linking of cells. Resistant to growth of fungi & vermin. Low and stable 'K' value. Non fibrous, nontoxic and non - carcinogenic. Chemically inert. Environment & user friendly. Ease of insulation. Ideal for XLPE FOAM Pharmaceuticals and textile mills. Shopping mall and multiplexes. IT, BPO and other commercial buildings. Industrial, Factory and poultry sheds. Food processing industry. Data Center, Server rooms, Standard rooms etc. Computerized Central Rooms for petrochemicals, Power plants, steel plants. Manufacturing units, networking station and many more.

Ceramic Blanket Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

A very useful material can be used at any typical place like: Chimney Insulations Process Heater Linings Pipe Wrap Annealing Furnace Linings Furnace & Clean Backup Insulation Storage Heater Insulation Domestic Oven Insulation Automotive Exhaust Heat Shields

Wood Wool Acoustic Panel Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

Wood wool acoustic panel is made of wood fiber, cement and minerals under high temperature and high pressure. These are countless pores inside of the panel, which can absorb noise. It not only has great acoustic and decoration effect, but also environment friendly and human friendly. It can used in variety of places such as karaoke rooms, restaurants, hotels, home theaters, conference rooms, bowling alleys, gymnasiums, theaters, rehearsal halls and so on. Features: Excellent acoustic performance Fireproof Eco-friendly Specification: Core Material: Wood Fiber, Cement, Mineral Acoustic Effect: Great performance with countless pores Heat Performance: Good heat insulation Standard Size: 2440* 1220, 1200*600,600*600mm Standard Thickness: 15,25mm Frame Retardant: Fireproof Application: Conference room, Office, Hotel lobby, Theater, Piano room etc.

Nitrile Insulation Sheet Tubes in Ghaziabad

Nitrile insulation is a flexible thermal insulation material made from closed-cell, elastomeric nitrile rubber.Itis produced in pre- formed sheets and pipe sections. These products meet insulation requirements in diverse fields such as the automobile, air conditioning & refrigeration industry, construction segment, hospitals, pharma industries, hotels and cold storage industries. Product Features Completely closed cell elastomeric nitrile insulation Quick and easy to install with no special tools. Flexible, durable and easy to handle. Excellent compression strength due to closed cell structure. Contains no chlorinated or dangerous substance. Superior thermal insulation properties over other open or closed cell insulation material due to high water vapour resistance property of nitrile rubber. Very high diffusion resistance and no cladding required if installed inside. Size availability 6mm, 9mm, 13mm, 19mm, 25mm and 32mm wall thickness to fit all standard copper and iron pipes diameters from 6.4mm to 108mm. Tube length : 1.83 meters ( 6 ft ).

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