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Objective: Determination of dielectric constant of solids Theory: A dielectric is a material having low electrical conductivity in comparison to that of a metal. It is characterized by its dielectric constant. Dielectric constant is measured as the ratio of the capacitance C of an electrical condenser filled with the dielectric to the capacitance C0 of the evacuated condenser i.e. A simple experimental set up is designed to measure the dielectric constant of solid samples in both range- LOW & HIGH. The experimental set-up consists of: Main Unit having audio oscillator (1 KHz), digital voltmeter (0 – 9.99 V dc), standard capacitance and electronic circuitry. Dielectric Cells: 75 mm Gold plated brass discs (1 set) and 25 mm Gold plated brass discs (1 set). Samples: Low Range: Glass, Bakelite Hi Range: PZT DISC
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