Homeopathy Doctor

Homeopathy Doctor

Here all the doctors in India list their business details and contact details so that you can easily contact them. A homeopathic doctor is a medical practitioner who has completed formal training in homeopathy. A homeopathic doctor has an additional qualification of MD or DO degree. A homeopathic doctor works very similarly to a conventional medical doctor, except he/she uses a unique form of treatment. Homeopathic doctors focus on treating the individual as a whole, not just on specific symptoms. A homeopathic doctor will take a detailed history from the patient, ask questions about your lifestyle and find out about any allergies you may have. He/she may recommend you undergo a physical examination by a general practitioner or another healthcare professional. How is Homeopathy Different from Conventional Medicine? Homeopathy does not use harsh chemicals, antibiotics, or radiation and hence is safer and more effective than conventional medicine. Homeopathy uses naturally occurring substances in doses that strengthen the immune system and stimulate self-healing processes in the body. To know more in detail, you can contact us.


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