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Catering is one of the fast growing small businesses in South Africa and soft commodities industry here such as cocoa, chocolate confectionery, chewing gum, other edible commodities including cake, pastries, desserts, fastfood stuff like burger, patties, pizza, along with beverag

Catering is one of the fast growing small businesses in South Africa and soft commodities industry here such as cocoa, chocolate confectionery, chewing gum, other edible commodities including cake, pastries, desserts, fastfood stuff like burger, patties, pizza, along with beverages etc is witnessing a steady increase over the period. The catering business prospects in the nation are continously widening. The rising consumer awareness and disposable income among the middle-income consumers and development and innovations in various confectioneries products and catering services by manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, sellers, distributors, dealers have opened up the gateway for various business opportunities related to catering and confectionery business in South Africa. South Africa has the largest and the well-established confectionery market in the African continent where sales of sugar confectionery, gums and chocolates were worth R10.4 billion in 2010. Also, in South Africa boiled sweets are the most lucrative market weather in sugar confectionery having over one-quarter of volume and value totals. There is a lot of nature offering business opportunities in this category such as licorice, sugar confectionery, and eclairs. If you have business-related to confectioneries or catering with varieties of items like chocolates, bar, and gums, etc or is related to manufacturing, distributing, packaging, selling, retailing of other confectionery products or is a good cook living in South Africa, then the distribution of catering goods and servcies in the regions and across the nation is very good business idea which can be made renowned through online business directory such as EnquiryGate.com. As a caterer, you may provide services to specific niche like events, weddings, parties, business meetings, private clubs, wedding catering, funeral catering, birthday party catering and many more. EnquiryGate.com is a social networking site/business directory for registering an online business. Reach out to other business prospects within the national boundaries across the nation by registering with this site which has various domain original directories for separate countries. If you are stationed in South Africa, operating in catering and confectionery related business you can register with za.enquiry gate.com domain of the EnquiryGate.com site. List an unlimited number of the project under this domain subcategory and earn business leads, queries and inquiries for your related business from over the world. To make the online directory trustworthy and approachable the site is offering facilities of web responsiveness, screen responsiveness, SMS, direct email and call me free service from the site. As only legal businesses are allowed to register with EnquiryGate site the chances of coming across fraudulent are decreased to minimal. 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We are proud to present ourselves as All South Africa directory of Catering and Confectioners which offers all the information about Catering and Confectioners, list of companies tied up in different – different types of Catering and Confectioners etc., their quality, prices etc. You can just go through the information and take your decision about which Catering and Confectioners are appropriate for you.